Sometimes all we need is the slightest of nudges to try something new. That's why you'll consider eating something totally disgusting just because one of your buddies says "I dare you." Well, that same sort of thing happens with body mods: Sometimes all you need is a little push to build up enough confidence to start cutting. This story is intended to get the gears in your head turning and hopefully release what is holding you back from modifying your truck.

1. Full Skin Graft
Check out this heavily modified, '99-style Chevy truck from Ekstensive Metalworks of Houston, Texas. The truck has been made into a unibody, and then a front clip and fenderwells from an '07 Tahoe were skillfully grafted into place. Bill and the crew at Ekstensive spent many an hour grafting new body lines on this truck. If you're a beginner, you might want to start with a simpler mod. Not only are the '07 parts expensive, but you'll really get pissed when you mess up and have to buy another fender.

2. Franken-Grilles
Tom McWeeney from Kustoms Inc. took elements from two different classic trucks to modify his first-generation S-10's front end. The headlights and surrounds were lifted from a '61 GMC, and the bumper is from a '67 Chevy. The fenders were modified to match the contours of the '61 headlights and the ends of the '67 bumper. The grille is a combination of the factory GMC letters from the '61 and stainless tubing Tom picked up from a supply house.

3. Roll The Front
For a simpler yet still good-looking mod, check out the front roll pan on Brian Clark's '67 C10. You can pick up these pans from companies like Mar-K or Brothers Truck Parts. Most of these will be bolt-on applications, but like Brian you can decide to weld yours in place. One thing you will have to do is cut off about 2 inches from the front framehorns, so keep that in mind before you order one.