10. MMM... Pancakes!
Here is the sum of these mods. Tom Pagano's '56 F-100 has them all: chopped top, sectioned sides, and a full shave job. Another cool modification is the pancaked (flattened) hood. The before shot should give you a good idea of how much work that took. Pancaking requires not only welding skills but a good knowledge of metal manipulation with hammers and dollies.

11. Grandfather It
Kevin Aguilar's '00 S-10 has all kinds of fun stuff going on out back. For that retro look, he had Jose Rodriguez at Devious Customs graft in the center of a '60 Chevy tailgate to add the classic letters. Down below is a welded-in roll pan with frenched-in Model A Ford taillights. To complete this look, the factory taillights had to be shaved by welding in fillers from Sir Michaels. The tailgate mod required a lot of work because the old 'gate was wider than the S-10, so it had to be shortened to fit.

12. Shaved Smooth
This shot of Gabe's (red) and Cory's (orange) mid-'80s trucks really shows what shaving is all about. The red truck has been fully shaved right down to the Bow Tie in the grille; the orange truck still has everything. The trim, emblems, mirrors, and the driprails on these trucks are pretty easy to shave, only requiring you to fill-weld small holes. The door handles are a little harder because the hole will require a patch panel.