Ingredient Two:A Pinch Of Cold Air
K&N 77 Series metal intake kits combine performance and underhood style in one package. The 77 virtually eliminates restriction in the intake air path thanks to the mandrel-bent tube, and the oversize High-Flow conical air filter provides increased surface area and dust capacity. To maintain cool air entering the engine, the kit also comes with a heat shield that seals against the hood to isolate the air intake from engine heat. Unlike other K&N kits, the 77 Series is designed to add flash under the hood with polished-aluminum or gun-metal gray powdercoat finishes.

Ingredient Three: The Tune
The Max Energy Power Programmer from Hypertech is like a little magic box that extracts every bit of energy possible and allows us to tweak the truck to our liking. This unit is a plug-and-play-type install and will let us raise the top-speed limiter, raise the engine rpm "rev" limiter, change transmission shift points, increase transmission shift firmness, and correct the speedo for tire and gear changes. The programmer also displays and clears diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs), and best of all it gives us premium- and regular-fuel power-tuning options.

The Final Word
After the parts were on the truck, we got 2.2 additional miles per gallon and the satisfaction of knowing we could pull away from a stock truck. Leaving tire tracks and passing the pump are two excellent benefits to be gained from this combo of modifications.

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