18. Don't Go Too Deep
To create a makeshift drill stop, wrap tape around the drill bit. Now you can drill holes all day long without the worry of going too deep or slamming the spinning chuck against your paint.
By The Sport Truck Staff

19. Fishy Emblem Removal
To remove emblems or molding attached with double-sided tape, tie a piece of fishing line to two sticks or screwdriver handles and slide the fishing line between the truck's surface and the emblem. Slowly glide the fishing line along the surface, and the emblem should come right off without damaging the paint or the emblem.
Dat Dinh, New Orleans, LA

20. All Strung Out
If you have ever been cut when trying to remove a windshield with piano or guitar string, this tip is for you. Get a hood-release cable, cut it to about 16 inches long, and leave the handle end on it. Grab the other end with locking pliers, pull it back and forth, and you'll have no problem taking out the window.
Robert Martinez, Santa Cruz, CA

21. Food-Bag Files
If you're disassembling a component or system on your truck (such as the carb or a door) and you know it will be a few days or weeks before you can finish the job, use food-storage baggies to keep track of the parts. They come in a variety of sizes and are easily marked with a felt pen. You can also use those disposable containers for leftovers, which stack and store very nicely. When you finally go back to reassemble your stuff, everything will be sorted and easy to find.
C.A. Foster, Warren, IL

22. Drain It Awl Out
Changing oil can be very messy, but you can make it much neater by using an awl to poke a hole in the bottom of the filter and let the oil drain out. Then when you loosen the filter, you won't have oil spilling everywhere.
Dick Coffee, West Seneca, NY

23. That's Protection, Jack!
I have found when using a floor jack to lift my custom truck that I would sometimes accidentally hit the body with the jack handle and chip the paint. To prevent this, I wrapped the handle with an old towel lifted from my wife's closet and secured it with tape. You can also use water pipe insulation-either one will save you paint.
Lyle Herder, Humboldt, KS

24. Wheel Protector
Here's a tip to avoid getting tire dressing all over your rims. Cut a piece of cardboard the diameter of your rims and make two holes the size of your fingers to hold it. Then, spray or wipe around the cardboard.
Bob Klotz, Coopersburg, PA

25. Clean As A Whistle
A common place for dirt buildup on trucks is the space between the cab and bed. It's a hard-to-reach place, but all you need to clean that area is a broom handle, a wash mitt, and some tape. Slip the wash mitt on the end of the broom handle and tape it securely. Now you can rest assured that your truck is completely clean from top to bottom to in between.
Jerry Sellers, Rienzi, MS