Until you've walked out to your truck and found your tools or other items of value missing from the bed, you can never truly appreciate how fantastic it is to not worry about theft. There is a multitude of ways to protect what's inside the bed of your truck, but no way is less obtrusive than the traditional fiberglass shell. Tonneau covers will do the job, but if you actually use your truck to haul more than a surfboard, you'll be taking that tonneau off the bedrails often to haul real cargo. A shell not only gives you an aerodynamic advantage over tonneau covers, but it also allows you to haul the tall and oddly shaped stuff that life routinely requires. Yeah, there are a lot of ugly shells out there, but this isn't one of them.

The Snugtop Super Sport is a smooth-sided fiberglass unit with frameless tinted windows, a cab-high design that follows the natural lines of the truck, and a secure, lockable rear door. The Super Sport also features a hidden, clamp-on mounting system, which requires zero holes be drilled in our truck. We ordered ours in the factory Toyota Blue Streak Metallic paint, and the color of the shell matched almost identically to the factory paint of the truck. The installation went quickly, even after we decided to throw in a BedRug and retain the factory cargo tie-down system. Check it out.

The Final Word
There's not much to rehash here other than to say that we've gotten a ton of compliments on our Tundra from people that had never considered adding a shell before. We've enjoyed the carefree feeling of leaving our truck in any parking lot, in any weather condition, without fear of losing or damaging our cargo. Our only gripe about the shell is that the clamp-on mounting system isn't durable enough to keep the shell in place during rough off-road excursions. Our shell slid backward on the rails about an inch after one too many high-speed missions in the dirt. It was an easy fix though and not something that would keep us from choosing another shell for any of our other trucks.

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