Just as a tattoo on the arm says something about a person-biker trash, mini-trucker, military, etc.-getting an image on your truck can let people know a little bit about you. I'm not talking a full-blown set of flames or scallops that costs a ton of money (like a full-body tattoo); what I'm referring to are smaller pieces of art that won't take over the truck, but complement it.

What got me thinking about this was a lunch-time visit to Eightball Rods and Choppers to visit Stefan and see some of the bitchen choppers he's got in his shop. I was in the lobby when I spotted a kickass early Ford radiator that had been painted up with a shop logo just to hold some business cards. I asked Stefan about it and he said, "That was Vandemon. He's always doing something a little kooky."

I went into the shop and asked Steve how painting something like that differs from pinstriping. As he was explaining the process, the tech editor in me popped up and thought, "There's a story here."

Steve and I discussed what type of design I might like to see on my S-10, and I thought a stylized yellow jacket on the back of my truck might kill some of the bumblebee comments I've received. Steve told me to go home and clean my truck while he draws something up. The following images map out how it was done and what you need to do it yourself. Steve makes it look easy, but if you have some artistic ability and some time to practice, this just might be something you could tackle.

What's In The Toolbox?
Here are the basic items you need to purchase. We got ours from Coast Airbrush in Anaheim, California. First and foremost you'll need paint, and 1 Shot lettering enamel is great because you can get it in small quantities and it comes in an array of colors. Second, you'll need assorted brushes-lettering quills and long liners to be exact. The long liner, or striping brush, is used for outlining and some smaller details. Lettering quills are used for the bulk of the design and fill work. The brushes differ in two basic ways: hair and handle length. I'll get into why later in the story.