Murdered-out or all-black trucks are popping up at shows more and more. While they don't have the pop of something with multicolored graphics, they do have their place in the cool category. While it's not hard to get a truck that is all black and slap on a set of black powdercoated wheels, there is one area that will still have a lot of bright color: the taillights. So what are you to do with those red plastic pieces? Black them out with some candy paint. Because candies are transparent by nature, you can darken the red plastic but still have it light up red when the pedal is hit.

Galen had the crew at Merzees Custom Paint in Sante Fe Springs, California, smoke out the taillight and third-brake-light lenses on his Colorado project. If you're comfortable using a spray gun, this is something you can most likely do at home, but if not Jeff at Merzees says this costs about 165 bucks for the taillights and third brake light.

What's In The Box?
Here are the main products used to smoke a taillight. The red won't be necessary if your lights are all one shade of red, but you will need the black. Alsa's Candy Concentrates will produce a nice even color distribution when they are mixed into a clear carrier. The Speed Clear is a polyurethane clearcoat that air dries in 90 minutes, allowing for same-day sanding and buffing.

The Final Word
The lights are now nice and smoky and almost blend right in with the black paintjob. Even though the lights are darker than before, they still light up red when the brake pedal is pushed. They're not as bright and visible as before, but that's the price of being cool.

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