Buffing Tools
Here's the stuff you need for the first step in the buffing process: a wool pad and compound. The Ultra-Cut Compound features super micro-abrasive technology that provides fast cutting and removes 1200-grit-or-finer sanding marks. The wool pad isn't just a fuzzy-looking Frisbee. No, this is an aggressive cutting tool that generates a lot of friction. Not only did Meguiar's make it from 100-percent wool, it's also double-sided so you get twice the service life.

Final Word
After it was all said and done, the left side is now much, much smoother. Hopefully, with a little practice you too can get these results, but we would recommend practicing on something else before you try it on your ride just to get the feel of everything.

This three-part series should be all the info you need to achieve the slickest, shiniest paint on the block. Just remember to work in the shade, use quality products, and for Pete's sake, read the labels!

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