17. The Cylon
Carrying clean to the extreme, Adam Heglar's white S-10 has an ultrasmooth body with the bed welded completely shut. The '04 Escalade front clip gives the Chevy an elegant appearance, matched by the Cadillac crest in the rear and single, full-width LED taillight. This is not just another pretty face, because under the hood is a supercharged, 500-plus-horsepower V-6!

18. Hot Tub
It takes awhile to figure out what you're looking at since the mirrored tonneau on "DC Taco" shows you everything twice. This four-door crew cab with the rear doors suicided is loaded with detail inside and out. The flowing fiberglass enclosure in the bed accommodates multiple speakers and a large flat-screen TV.

19. The Woody
The bed is the perfect place to combine all of your hobbies. This owner was obviously a woodworker who enjoyed stereo and first-run movies. Highly polished wood trim, an audiovisual system in the bed and in the cab, along with a fullsize American Gangster poster on the tonneau cover make for a very personalized package.

20. Tubular
The careful planning that went into this bed is obvious, beginning with the recessed fuel cell in the color-matched, Line-X'd bed floor. The polished reserve tank is fed by matched Viair compressors using symmetrically routed hard lines. For a little variety, the tubular powdercoated bridge spanning the rear axle is wildly asymmetrical. A.J. owns this custom-crafted '95 Toyota.

21. Classy
Carved ebonized trim pieces outlined with thin chrome strips separate the oak planks of author Joe Greeves' radical pickup. The inset 20-inch KMC SS rim and the SS logo airbrushed on the ZEX nitrous bottles repeat the Super Stepside theme. Up front, the forward compartment holds twin Optima batteries, the second Tsunami capacitor, a floor jack, and jackstands. Everything is lighted with StreetGlow neon at night.

22. Built Tough
Ken Williams' '98 Chevrolet C3500 dualie not only looks good, but it works hard. The huge C-notch and bridge with cantilever airbag setup uses a two-link below with a wishbone suspension above to put the big truck in the weeds. The 12-gallon reserve tank ensures that when the bed-mounted hitch is towing a trailer, the suspension will be up to the task.

23. Just Insane!
If none of these bed techniques is radical enough for you, try Jamie Kelley's solution. "Schizophrenia" is known throughout the East as one of the wildest bed dancers in the country. Working the elaborate combination of Z-racks and pyrotechnics is a two-man job, but it always pleases a crowd.