11. Jet Performance Products
Jet now makes a performance programmer for '96-and-later F-series trucks and fullsize SUVs with gas-powered engines. The programmer allows you to modify shift points, transmission shift firmness, rev limiters, and top-speed limiter. It also features three different tuning presets for regular, midgrade, or premium fuels. The unit also corrects the speedometer and shift points after making gear-ratio or tire-size changes.

JET Performance Products
(800) 535-1161

12. Stylin' Trucks
Gas prices are already over four bucks a gallon and no relief is in sight. What can you do to fight the drain on your wallet after every fill-up? Contact Stylin' Trucks and order a Granatelli Big G Diesel Mileage Miser. You get an increase of up to 4 mpg, 50 hp, and 150 lb-ft of torque. Installation is plug-and-play with no cutting or messy wiring harnesses or switches in the cab.

Stylin' Trucks
(800) 434-4381

13. BD Power
BD's new Ultra X-Tuner offers even more performance and capabilities than its predecessor. Selectable power gains start at 30 hp and go up to 140 hp along with improved fuel economy and better driveability overall. The Ultra X-Tuner simply plugs into the vehicle's OBD-II port and allows you to read diagnostic codes, recalibrate the speedometer for larger tires, and raise/eliminate the vehicle's top-speed limiter. Plus, you can download the latest calibrations as well as an available data acquisition package from the Internet.

BD Diesel Performance
(800) 887-5030

14. Bully Dog
The Triple Dog downloader is now available for gas-powered trucks and SUVs. The Triple Dog works on Dodge Hemi, Ford 4.6L and 5.4L, and V-8-powered GM trucks and SUVs. The downloader features multiple tuning options to allow you to adjust the power, fuel economy, and transmission settings for your specific driving needs.

Bully Dog Technologies
(877) 285-5936

15. Painless
The Painless Performance Striker MD intercepts the fuel and boost-pressure electronic signals and allows you to apply infinite multipliers to them for power gains or enhanced fuel economy. You can use the 10 preset multipliers or create your own custom settings for familiar payloads or road conditions. When you add other performance hardware like custom exhaust or a bigger turbo or fuel pumps, the MD can maximize their output.

Painless Performance Products
(800) 423-9696