16. Superchips
In addition to its tuning capabilities, the Cortex tuner from Superchips calibrates your speedometer for larger wheels and tires, reads and clears diagnostic trouble codes, adjusts transmission shift points, and more. Plug-and-play USB connection makes your tuner fully updateable, so you'll always have the latest tune. The Cortex also allows you to tune multiple vehicles from the same OEM, so you can tune your Corvette on Monday and your truck on Friday.

(407) 585-7000

17. Summit Racing
More power and increased fuel economy with a simple programming change? Gas and diesel truck owners can get both with a Hypertech Max Energy power programmer, now available at Summit Racing Equipment. Just plug it in and hit a button. The programmer downloads tuning software that modifies the existing vehicle computer's programming. The result is up to 57 hp for gasoline-powered trucks and 176 hp for diesel trucks, plus a 2- to 6-mpg increase in fuel economy.

Summit Racing
(800) 230-3030

18. TS Performance
The ReSpeed from TS Performance easily installs in your gas or diesel truck, and by inputting your new tire size and/or rear-axle gear ratio the ReSpeed recalibrates and corrects your vehicle's factory speedometer to fully optimize your engine's performance. Because many late-model trucks use the vehicle's speed to also determine fuel delivery, shift points, and more, TS Performance has developed the ReSpeed speedometer calibrator and speed-limiter removal unit.

TS Performance
(270) 746-9999