Fresh from our toolbox for your viewing pleasure comes the Vise Soft-Jaw. We picked up these babies at, which is a high-performance parts and tool supplier. You probably know Summit because Jason Line and Greg Anderson Jr. are Summit Racing team drivers who pretty much rule the NHRA Pro Stock class right now. Anyway, Soft-Jaws are cool because they enable you to hold AN fittings in place during assembly without marring the fragile anodized coating that makes them look so trick.

Simply place the Jaws in your vise, and the magnetic strips built into the jaws will secure them to the jaws of the vise. Then, just slide in your fittings and assemble them at will. The aluminum construction of the Soft-Jaws is much more forgiving on the anodized finish than the steel vise, so you can really get a good grip with minimal chance of damage.

Summit Racing Equipment
P.O. Box 909
OH  44309