Antera Opus 1 wheels made a first appearance on Mike Salinas's '94 Chevy and began a trend that lasted for the next five years as they became the most famous three-spoke design ever.

Who could forget the completely fake image of the Bullet Suspension Dodge Ram jumping across the January cover? It wasn't the last time the staff pulled that sort of photo trickery either.

Another logo change: The squiggly lines appeared behind the logo on the August cover.

We dropped the first bound-in sticker sheet in ST history. Readers were treated to toolbox fodder from Borla, Summit Racing, and Champion Sparkplugs.

December '97: The first time we cursed on the cover of the magazine.

Joel Mollis joined the staff in November as the technical editor.

Side Note: We just noticed that we never printed a story on installing four-wheel air shocks on a mini-truck even though for years until airbags became popular mini-truckers everywhere were blowing them up by the truckload trying to build the lowest truck on the block. We swear that mini-truckers single-handedly kept Gabriel and Rancho in business back in the day from all those air shock sales.

1998 brought about a slew of staff changes. In March, Joel Mollis left the mag and Christian Lee came aboard as a staff editor. Both would later feed their need to play in the dirt at Off-Road and 4 Wheel Drive & Sport Utility magazines. In May, Steve Warner left ST for the seemingly greener pasteurs of Chevy High Performance magazine. Later on, he moved to Truckin' and has been there to this day. He was replaced by Kevin Lee. Matt King, who went on to fame at Car Craft magazine came in August, replacing Gary Robinson, who left and went to work for Chevron in the oil fields of Los Angeles. By December, the staff grew again with the addition of Travis Noack and everyone got a cool new job title, except Peter who was still in charge.

In the October issue, we printed our first air suspension lowering story. Matt King and Chassis Tech showed us how easy it was to put adjustable suspension on a Dodge Dakota.

What an idea! Organizers put up a temporary dam in the Santa Ana riverbed in front of Angels Stadium and then pumped twelve million gallons of water into it. Jet Jam '97 was born. Jet Ski racing and a sport truck show were the order of the day, and it went off! This cool event only lasted two years.

We literally got the very first '99 Chevy truck off the assembly line. Our redesigned truck was serial number 0001. We proceeded to add a roll pan and a prototype set of Street Scene mirrors and then drop it over a set of 18s.