Banks' Sidewinder Dakota reset the FIA diesel truck record at Bonneville in '03 with a 217-mph average. It then pulled its own support trailer back home. Talk about durable!

In March, Wes Vreeland headed back home and left the mag.

Calin goes to PA! We can count on one hand the number of truck shows Senior Editor Calin Head has attended over the years, but in January he covered the Carlisle All-Truck Nats by himself!

In June, we launched our Low-Buck Challenge to find the coolest truck built on a $5,500 budget.

The Dodge Ram SRT-10 finally made an appearance in production trim in the July '03 issue. We're still salivating over this standard cab, six-speed manual, V-10-equipped rocket to this day.

In September, we also ran a feature on Steve Platt's GMC Sonoma, which was later turned into a Hot Wheels car by Mattel.

In November, we partnered with Truckin' to throw a show right on the famous Fremont Street Experience in Las Vegas. We can't remember a damn thing from that weekend.

2004 was a year of firsts. In January, we brought water-based automotive paints to the world thanks to Auto-Air Colors. We also printed the first story on how to stock-floor body drop a truck in the December issue.

In June, we reported that the Guinness Book of World Records declared the Dodge Ram SRT10 as the world's fastest production pickup after it made a pair of kilo runs over 154 mph.

Here's a trend that we can't wait for to die: faux animal print upholstery

In May, we crowned Chris Quesada the winner of our Low-Buck Challenge after checking out the pics of his graphic-adorned '87 S-10.

28-inch wheels became a reality in August.

Kevin Wilson was the first editor to leave a goodbye note when bailing on ST. He penned his last editor's column the November before heading for a sweet marketing gig in Arizona. Recently though, the magazine business sucked him back in at another publication. With the exception of Calin, Kevin spent more time working on ST than anyone and he'll always be missed around the office. With the December issue, Managing Editor Joe Pettit took the wheel of ST.

In 2005, we started doing a lot of extra promotions to say thanks to our readers. We added several "Instant Expert" guides to customizing throughout the year that were a hit. The staff also launched the Busted Knuckles section of the mag for unfinished but innovative project trucks.

After the rug got pulled out from under us by the guys upstairs, our pull-out calendar was stuffed into the edit pages of the January issue, where we showed everyone how to make his own pinup-girl mobile.

In June, we exposed the old-school movement that was sweeping through the scene with a photo shoot of three different trucks, each with a different slant on the style.

Jonathan Hoffman of Saratoga Springs, New York, was our second Low-Buck Challenge winner.

We examined the big-wheel/skinny-tire dualie craze in the December issue by using Mike's dualie as a guinea pig for a set of Brentz Wheels 19-inch billet wheels. Surprisingly, the Pirelli tires held up well for being so overloaded, and they damn sure looked better than the 16s the truck had on it.