Poor new guy Tom Gomez got the task of researching all 50 state laws about lifting your truck for the January issue. By February, Tom ditched the long commute from Lake Elsinore to Anaheim and hit the bricks for a job at a calendar production company. Boy, did he burn out quick.

The January issue marked a series of design changes in ST. Change is good. We decided to put all of the tech articles together, all of the feature stories in one spot, and all of the lifestyle coverage in another, giving us three new pages to stroke our photographic egos with each month.

Wedding proposals? Sure, why not? Jonathan Rascoe got real creative, using his feature article to pop the question to his girl. Good thing she said yes or he'd have to go on a magazine-burning rampage across the nation.

Mike proved the usefulness of longbed trucks.

Side Note: Somewhere along the line, we let some idiot named Mark write a column in ST about some random stuff and it didn't last long. No one seemed to notice when the column unceremoniously disappeared from the magazine.