Rhino Lining showed us the first spray-in bedliner in the February issue.

In the June issue, we committed a faux pas by offering a tech tip that suggested a cheap way to carry your tools around in a used woman's purse. Why didn't we say to use an old duffel bag? Yeah, we wonder that too.

Celebrity Quote (Apr. '93)

"You can always find a copy of Sport Truck in the shops of Hot Rods by Boyd because it is up to date on what is happening. The editors of Sport Truck keep it interesting for the hardcore enthusiast while still managing to inform the newest truckers."RIP Boyd.

Bell Tech revolutionized sport truck advertising with its series of high-concept advertisements featuring hot models and the effects of its products on them. This one literally pushed readers away from Yugo import cars and into Bell Tech-dropped Chevys.

Celebrity Sighting
Actor Burt Reynolds and somebody else's hair made an appearance at the '93 SEMA Show and in our March issue.

Our first feature truck with a bridge notch cover appeared in the September '94 issue. The truck was a '68 Chevy owned by Eric Valimaki.

In the October issue, we gave away the sister truck to Eddie Van Halen's Vanhauler to Robert Cotter. His entry was picked from 92,600 others. We wonder if he's still got it.