'01 Notable Notes
Sport Truck, along with several other Petersen titles, was sold to Emap, the largest publishing company in Europe, which made it the largest in the world. This was a good thing on many fronts because the company invested heavily in the magazine, which meant more color pages and fewer black and white stories in the magazine about colorful things. Yay!

David Brown penned the story proclaiming the new GMC Sierra C3 as our Sport Truck of the Year. The all-wheel-drive super truck was stuffed to the gills with extras like a factory-installed tonneau cover, a 6.0L V-8, four-wheel disc brakes, and 17-inch rims.

Big changes came right after the SEMA Show this year. Kevin Lee was sacked after getting home from Vegas, and when Jim Aust learned he wasn't getting the editor's chair he split in the middle of the night, leaving Calin as the lone staffer on ST. Calin put what was left of the March issue together himself, while Editorial Director Cole Quinell actually used the editor's column at the front of the magazine to solicit new talent. The headline read, "We want you to work here!"

Foreshadowing? Calin printed a photo of future editor Mike Finnegan's blue '97 Toyota Tacoma taken at the SEMA Show that year for his "Bitchin Trucks in the Desert" story in that same issue. Four years later, Mike became editor of ST and is still in the driver's seat. Cue the scary music

In April, Truckin' magazine Executive Editor Dan Sanchez left to become editor of ST.

In May, Wes Vreeland was hired fresh out of college to be ST's new feature photo-shoot editor. In June, we added another feature editor, Taylor Vlahos. Taylor arrived after interning at Car Craft

'02 Notable Notes
In June, we finally put another hottie on our cover. Thank God!

Painter Charles Armstrong showed the world what flames could really look like when he doused Kevin Cox's Silverado in true fire. In December, Taylor Vlahos left ST, and John O'Neil took her place.

2002 was the year satellite radio became a reality when both Sirius and XM launched into orbit.

'03 Notable Notes
The new-for-'03 Dodge Ram 1500 Hemi won our Sport Truck of the Year competition. We guess nobody on staff was that worried about its poor fuel economy and focused instead on its shiny set of dubs.

The big-wheel craze continued at SEMA when 26s started appearing on SUVs. Kumho offered a 305/30R26 tire in its Ecsta STX line of tires.

ST snagged Gary Blount from local tuner, Turbo City, and put him on the staff. He did time at several Primedia pubs throughout the years, sharing his vast technical knowledge.

Yet another subliminal clue that Mike Finnegan would indeed someday show up working on ST: Then-editor Kevin Wilson, in an effort to broaden his own horizons and that of his readers, borrowed Mike's guide to street slang from the pages of Mini Truckin' and printed it in his September column.