Today & Beyond....
Our world is in a constant state of transition. The parts and styles we drooled over 20 years ago for the most part aren't hip today. The big-wheel craze of the last decade isn't dead, but we are running out of room inside of our truck's fenders. Are tiny wheels going to come back into fashion? Probably not in the near future, but we have noted quite a few truck guys recapturing their youth through old-school, budget-minded truck builds.

The next five years are going to be interesting to say the least. With a technological explosion that's allowed the home builder to possess the tools of professionals, the build quality of every custom truck has been taken to a level never possible when our world was in its infancy. We can't wait to see what the next two decades bring. Our crystal ball runs on beer and is only good for six months, so here's a quick look at what you can expect from Sport Truck. First off, you can expect the same staff! Everyone gets to keep his job, so there's no big changes there (with the exception of Galen, who went to Mini Truckin'). But, we're going to be giving you 101 free paint and body-mod ideas, so be sure to buy the January issue. In the meantime, enjoy some memorable quotes from Calin, Kevin, and Mike from the production of this story.

12 Memorable Quotes Uttered During This Little Research Project

"If you cover up her hair, she looks like a man."

"If I see one more Bell Tech-/Boyd-looking truck today I'm gonna barf."

"That's a lot of hair spray."

"Oh look, another minivan. Yay!"

"Those are some sweet shorts."

"No goatees in the '80s. It's all about the Burt Reynolds 'stache."

"1,600 miles in a Geo Tracker? No thanks."

"It looks like Walt Disney threw up on her."

"Look at the size of that bathing suit. That's just wrong."

"That photo even comes with a pervert."

"That paintjob looks like a pair of Jimmy'Z shorts."

"Hey look, it's a chop-top in a box!"