Part Two: Classic Stainless Install
1. For the classic truck part of this story, I'll be removing the Chevette wheel I got from the junkyard and replacing it with something much nicer. To start, I had to remove the horn button and its assembly by removing the three screws. Then, I used a puller to pop the wheel from the column (inset). Since I've changed the steering wheel before, I already had a mark on the column. If this is your first time, make sure to straighten the wheel and mark the steering shaft.

The Final Word
No matter if you have a classic truck or a brand-new one right off the lot, Grant has the wheel to up your cool. What's nice about these wheels is all of the factory functionality is retained. If all you have is a horn, any number of wheels Grant offers should work just fine for your truck. If you have an airbag-equipped steering wheel with a bunch of buttons on it, check out the Revolution series for a custom upgrade.

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