Chop, Chop!
During the install, you should have noticed Mike C. is converting to a Ford 9-inch rear differential. Because the 9-inch has a drop-out third member and bolt-in axles, it's a bit easier to narrow than the Chevy diff with its C-clips. Mike C. took me over to M&B Hotrods to have his other friend, Mike Larabell, chop down the tubes and put the 9-inch back together.

The Final Word
There it is folks-how to weld in a triangulated four-link and fit some fat tires. The kit is just what you need and nothing more, and at 160 bucks it's a great deal. There is still some work to be done before this truck can be driven, so we'll give you an update once Mike has completed the work. For this mini universal four-link kit or just about any other custom suspension part, check out

Mike Larabell M&B Hotrods
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