There are times when you just need a place to sit while you work on something. Just about every self-respecting gearhead has some sort of short stool to roll around the lower portion of the truck. If you don't have one, or like me you've destroyed the one you own, then check out what I picked up. The Rugged Roll Work Seat from Step2 is a super-tough seat that will support in excess of 300 pounds. Built by the same company that makes those damn near indestructible kids toys, the seat is just as tough but very simple in its design. No gas shocks to lift you up, no fancy casters to roll in every direction, just four huge wheels, a fat seating area, a lower storage shelf, and a cupholder. The cupholder also fits little cans of aluminum polish, while clean rags can be placed in the storage shelf below.

I picked up mine for less than 35 bucks plus shipping, and I've used it for a while now with great results. The seat comes assembled except for the decals, which feature a bunch of automotive companies. I chose not to install the provided stickers, but that's a personal thing. The big wheels don't get stuck on cracks or little hardware as much as casters, so I haven't almost fallen off the thing, which is a plus. Also, it's light enough to hang on the wall and out of the way when I don't need it. Another great point about this seat is what it's made of: double-wall poly material instead of steel, so if you accidentally roll into your truck you have less chance of leaving a dent or scratch.

The Step2 Company