It's the little things that make a big impact when you're trying to separate your custom truck from the rest of the herd of "me-too" rides at truck shows. Finding ways to clean up the body lines of your truck that don't overly change its appearance will more often than not make the truck look a whole lot better. This is one of those mods that is subtle and yet still makes a big impact on the appearance of most trucks in the windshield and A-pillar area.

Shaving the cowl of your truck is pretty easy and lots of you can do it at home. We're going to shave the cowl of my '67 C10, but we are going to also keep the windshield wipers intact because I plan on driving this truck someday. The tricky part with this mod is to avoid merely putting a couple of holes in the freshly smoothed-out cowl for the wiper cogs to poke through. Scott's Hot Rods in Oxnard, California, is doing the work, and of course the shop had more than a few great ideas for making this job go smoothly and look even better. With a price tag of less than $700, this mod won't break the bank, but it might break a tie with another competitor at your next truck show. Of course, if you have the tools you could do the job yourself and just drop 20 bucks on some sheetmetal.

The Final Word
Professional custom shops like Scott's Hot Rods can turn a simple mod like a shaved cowl into something truly inspiring. Not only is our truck a whole lot more stylish, but its also one step closer to being legal to drive on the road because it still has windshield wipers. The real benefit here though is the way the wipers were retained. Instead of poking through a couple of ugly holes, our wiper cogs are now housed in a panel that looks as good as it did when it came from the GM plant.

Scott's Hot Rods