There will come a time in your gearhead life when you will need to pull the engine out of your truck. There is an essential tool you will need to do this and it's called an engine hoist or cherry picker. We recently went through a couple-day scavenger hunt looking for a cherry picker to borrow to pluck out a big-block we needed to work on. We eventually found a friend who had one, but the down time was enough for us to investigate getting our own tools instead. We were expecting something of that size to be pretty expensive, but we were happily surprised to find a really nice unit available from Summit Racing for only $189.95. You might be thinking a cherry picker that cheap would be cheaply made, but that is not the case. This sucker is stout, boasting a 2-ton capacity thanks in part to its thick steel construction. One added feature that really makes this a nice unit is the ability to fold it up so it will tuck away in the corner of the garage.

Since we were expecting to pay somewhere around 300 bucks for the hoist, we had some leftover money burning a hole in our pocket. Instead of saving it, we splurged and bought a few things to complement our hoist. We added a Summit engine lift plate and engine cradle to help us pull the motor and store it out of the way until we were ready to reinstall it. These two extra goodies brought our total to $234.85, leaving us a little over 65 bucks to spend on beer and pizza.

Summit Racing
P.O. Box 909
OH  44309-0909