I've lit a lot of stuff on fire in my lifetime, and not all of it was intentional. In fact, my old Tacoma came to be known as the Burnt Taco because I lit it on fire accidentally while working on it in the shop. One of the easiest ways to burn up your own truck is by failing to properly insulate 12-volt power wires in the electrical system. No matter if you butt-connect wires together or solder them together, you still need to protect the connection and the best way is with shrink tubing.

Shrink tubing is a god-sent tool that slips over wires and then shrinks around the wire when heat is applied to form a weather-tight seal. Most of us have used cigarette lighters as a source of heat that burned our fingers. A hair dryer works in a pinch, but it's not powerful enough to really work well. In addition, most industrial-size heat guns are too big and bulky to get into the tight spaces under a truck dashboard when duty calls. At just $42.95, the Ico-Rally Mini Heat Gun II (MCM part #95-810) solves that problem, and if you buy it where we did it comes with an assortment of colored shrink tubing. Check it out.

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