It was supposed to be simple; installing DJM's 2/4 drop kit into the '97 Dodge Ram was only a matter of new coil springs up front and hangers and shackles in the rear. The procedure for installing the DJM parts was pretty straightforward. New shocks are recommended in the rear, and new front shocks are optional. Although the red Ram was meticulously maintained and in excellent condition, eleven years of service made removal of the old rusty bolts and rivets very difficult. So much for simple.

You know what they say about the best-laid plans of mice and men. In any event, a job planned for a few hours took almost a day and a half. The festivities were conducted at the Rapid Transit Auto Center in San Pedro, California, and presided over by very experienced master mechanic, Ralph Isaula. No amount of sweat or four-letter words made the job go any faster or easier.

Except for the rusty hardware, the installation went relatively well. Unfortunately, the Ram's fuel tank, located on the driver side, is so close to the leaf spring main bolt that it cannot be removed without moving the gas tank out of the way. Despite the aforementioned wrinkles, the bottom line is that the big Dodge was lowered exactly 2 inches in front and about 3 1/2 in the rear; it looked sensational and it rode and handled as well as it looked. There isn't much more one can ask of a 2/4 drop kit.

The accompanying photos and captions tell the rest of the story. Check 'em out.

What's In The Box?
The 2/4 lowering kit from DJM Suspension includes new hangers and shackles to drop the rear and new coil springs in front.

The Final Word
After getting realigned, the truck was 2-inches lower up front and 3-1/2-inches lower out back. It still rode nice, but it definitely had a more performance feel and ride. The job was much harder than it should have been thanks to all that rust. A little perseverance, a few four letter words, and some power tools finally got it done.

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DJM Suspension