Part Four: The Fuel System

Part Five: Steering & Cooling

Part Six: Shifty!

Tech Tip
New Tranny = New Tricks

GM loves to be innovative and change things up. There are several versions of the 6L80E tranny in service in various cars and trucks now. The trans used in this truck is the one that comes in the Pontiac GTO and G8 sedans. The fluid pan is 3/4-inch shorter than the pan in the Cadillac version of the same transmission. The interesting thing here is that although this trans has six forward gears, two of them shift electronically, so you can re-use your stock column shifter. Another interesting feature of this tranny is that unlike others, it does not have a dipstick. So, how do you add fluid to it? Well, there's a plug in the side of the trans that is used to fill it. There's another plug at the rear of the trans where the fluid will come out of when it's full. The filling procedure requires warming the trans fluid to 100 degrees, raising the truck in the air safely, and then pulling the plugs and adding the fluid.

Part Seven: Wrapping Up the Install

Part Eight: Power to the Pavement!

The Man and His Truck

Craig McLaughlin of El Dorado, Kansas, is the lucky soul who gets to mob this bitchin '68 Chevy now. It's got the right stance, killer rolling stock, and now one of the baddest drivetrain swaps we've seen in a long time.

Street and Performance