Part Two: The Choke
To get my choke working again, I needed the shaft, plate, and the electric choke conversion kit. I could have put a manual choke on the truck, but since I was upgrading stuff why not go electric?

Quick-Disconnect Fuel Inlet Fittings
Check out these new quick-disconnect fuel inlet fittings from Jiffy-Tite. These will replace the stock fittings and allow for fast and clean removal of the carb. Because each end will seal itself when removed, dumping fuel all over the manifold will be eliminated.

The Final Word
With the carb back to fully operational status, the truck fires up nice and easy and doesn't stumble while mildly accelerating. It does make it very nice when I am running late and don't have much time to let the truck warm up all the way. To fix the choke and upgrade the fuel bowls cost just over 150 bucks, which is much less than a new carb and not enough to break me.

Holley Jiffy-Tite