When it came time to drop a Ford for this issue, we contacted another mover and shaker in the industry, Larry Wiener, from Performance West Group (PWG). Larry partnered with Jason from Hulst Customs to build a killer set of Fords for the SEMA Show, which are featured in this very issue. Both of the trucks were statically dropped using DJM gear at Hulst Customs. The '09 F-150 features a new set of lower control arms to bring the front down, while the '08 F-350 uses a new set of dropped I-beams. Out back, both trucks received a flip kit and some shackles to close the gap between the truck and the ground. Both trucks roll on Pirelli rubber and big shiny wheels to complement the new stance. Check out the sidebar for more information on the rolling stock.

What's In The Box?
F-150: To drop the F-150 3/4, Jason picked up this kit from DJM. It consists of a set of Calmax control arms for the front and a flip kit out back. The Calmax control arms are made from seamless DOM tubing and feature urethane pivot bushings with twin-tube sleeves. The Calmax arms lower the truck by moving the spring pocket down and the lower ball joint up, relative to each other and the frame. The flip kit moves the axle from beneath the leaf spring to on top of the leaf spring. DJM makes the flip kits with adjustable axle locator brackets, which gives you the ability to rotate the axle to the proper pinion angle instead of using shim plates.

F-350: To get the big F-350 down, a set of DJM Dream Beams and another flip kit was used. The Dream Beams are tubular in design, using thick-wall DOM material. Each tube is larger than the next so that they can be slipped together and welded in a radial manner. This prevents the beams from tweaking during construction for a more precise fit. DJM does it this way because there is no way to adjust caster with beams because it is set by the construction of the part. All of the suspension products from DJM feature a hammer-tone powdercoated finish for good looks and durability.