Rubbers N' Rounds!
No dropped custom truck would be complete without a new set of shoes. A total of ten new rollers came in the front door of Hulst Customs. The F-150 got a set of two-piece 22-inch GT rims from Rodtana. These are machined to look similar to what you would find on a classic Mustang, but in a six-lug bolt pattern. The F-350 went a little bigger with a set of 24-inch Calibers from American Force wheels. These billets feature the big-rig lug pattern for true big truck machismo. A special adapter is sold with the wheels to convert the F-350 to the big bolt pattern. Each rim was shod with new rubber from Pirelli in the way of the Zero Asimmetrico. The F-150 rolls on 305/40ZR22s and the F-350 features 295/40ZR24s.

The Final Word
We think every truck looks good lowered down on shiny wheels, but the Fords look really bitchin. As you can tell, this is not a bolt-by-bolt install of the products, but it should give you a good idea of what it takes to drop either of these trucks. If you need more information on how to do it, DJM has complete instructions on its web site. Now if you just don't feel like building a truck by yourself, you could always commission Jason at Hulst Customs to do it all for you.

American Force Wheels (F-350) Hulst Customs
DJM Suspension
Pirelli Tires
Rodtana Designs (F-150)