There's an old saying that goes something like this: A happy wife means a happy life. Boy is that ever true. As much as men would like to think that they are in complete control of their own happiness, the reality is that much of it depends on keeping their significant other smiling at all times. Sometimes a gift or a dinner date is required to keep the wife happy, but there are times that require a little more tact. Refraining from making jokes about her latest hairstyle, or talking smack on her sister's ugly little kid doesn't always do the job. Women are emotional creatures and the smallest little faux pas can ruin their day, so often you'll need to go out of your way to please them. It's a man's job to be a mind reader, a shoulder to cry on, and honey-do list expediter.

Wouldn't it be great if there was a product on the market that not only kept your truck dry but also kept your wife happy as well? There is. There's a great tool called The Absorber that will eliminate your need to use your wife's bath towels to dry off your truck from now on, and that my friends will equal a smile on her face and a hall pass to manly happiness for you.

Developed in the '70s by Clean Tools Inc, The Aborber is the ultimate drying tool for most any application. Over the years, the lineup has grown to include nine colors and sizes large enough to making drying a fullsize truck or RV easy, and sizes small enough to take care of your motorcycle helmet. The Absorber becomes even handier once you put it to the test by drying the family dog with it.

When The Absorber becomes too dirty to drag across the smooth finish of your sport truck, feel free to drop it into the wife's washing machine to make it like new again. A bit of liquid detergent and ammonia will have it looking like new again. We can't guarantee doing so will keep her smiling once she finds it mixed in with her unmentionables, but a good washing will get the dirty spots off your Absorber. Keep it clean and The Absorber will stay in service a long, long time, saving you time and money.

Clean Tools Inc.