7. Kill Vampires
Turn off all accessories that will add drag to the engine and rob it of power—like the A/C. We’ve tested it, and most alternators also eat up a minimum of 5 hp. It doesn’t sound like much, but every little bit counts when you’re trying to beat down a guy with a mullet and a Camaro.

8. Practice!
Practice holeshots before you go racing. The best way to leave the starting line quickly and not look like a tool is not in a blaze of glory and bald tires.

9. Chill It
Cool air equals more engine power output, so don’t let your truck idle forever while waiting for a race. That hot engine will increase the air inlet temperature and kill power production. You can also cool your truck’s engine down between races with a bag of regular or dry ice placed atop the intake manifold.

10. Short And Wide
Smaller-diameter tires will decrease your final drive ratio and help the truck accelerate more quickly for short-distance races. It will suck on the freeway, but what’s more important—winning or getting 25 mpg on the way to the race?

11. No Big Burnie
Radial tires don’t hook up better after a burnout, they just get smaller. Only do a short wheelspin to clean any grease off the tire tread. Frying your 25 series tires isn’t making your truck quicker, it’s just emptying your wallet faster.

12. Keep The Pedal To The Metal
It’s a pretty common habit to lift off the gas pedal right before your truck shifts. Fight the urge and keep that go pedal planted!