It’s a fact that building a custom truck means drilling holes in it and in the parts that go onto it. At some point, you’re going to have to build a bracket for something, and that something is going to need holes in it if you plan to attach it to the truck without glue or chewing gum. The best way to drill holes in any part is with a drill press. The stability of the table and accuracy of the drill head means the holes will be round and in the right spot, unlike holes drilled with a handheld power drill.

We needed a drill press with some specific features to make the press way more usable than our hand-held drill. First off, it had to have multiple speeds for drilling through different materials without burning up our cheesy drill bits. Next, it needed a large enough table so that we could drill into large pieces of sheetmetal and plate. It also needed a large enough head so that we could drill into large objects, like motor mounting plates. Central Machinery’s production drill press was just what the doctor ordered.


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