The dashboard is the most important feature within the cab of your truck. It's the spot you'll spend percent of your time staring at and can provide a multitude of options for customization. If you're dash is ugly, then it's tough to get excited about driving your truck. Case in point: Our '73 Chevy C10 is a beat-down beast of a truck that neither looks good nor functions properly. This includes the gauges and most of the interior.

Refurbishing your entire interior can be costly, but rehabbing your dashboard is a cheaper way to achieve results where it matters most. In fact, an hour spent on the Internet shopping for a new gauge cluster and gauges, and a couple of hours spent wrenching, did wonders for our truck.

Now we've got gauges that gauge, a cluster that doesn't look like it came off a demolition derby truck, and the rest of our interior still looks like a reject from a Mad Max movie. We'll take care of that later on. At least now we know when we're breaking the speed limit.