I had finally reached a point where my entry-level toolbox was not only full, but also showing signs of wear. It was time to grow up, when it came to my toolbox that is, and get something more suited for a professional. I wanted something that could hold everything I have now and give me room to grow. And when it's full I wanted a box that could be expanded as needed.

My Matco dealer, Ali Mahmoudi, answered all my wishes. He stopped by the shop like he normally does, but this time when I entered the tool truck I wasn't just going to take a piece of candy and drool over stuff. I had my sights set on investing in a rollaway toolbox. He had a few inside his truck, but they were either too big for the space I had or just way too bright of a color. Tucked at the back of his truck was this double-bay black beauty that looked to be perfect for what I needed. I inquired about it and being the typical gearhead I wanted to know a few basic things, how strong is it, can I expand it, and how much will it cost? Ali told me the box is constructed out of 14-, 16-, and 18-gauge steel, so it will take a beating. It has newly designed roller bearing slides that hold up to 140 pounds a pair. He proved this to me by opening the top drawer, which has two sets of slides, and sitting in it. He looked funny sitting there, but the demo made his point, and when he hopped out the drawer closed smoothly with just a touch of his finger. The box set me back just over 4,000, but like anyone else who gets something off the tool truck I'm paying that off in payments. When I finally fill the box and need more space, I can add two side lockers and either a top chest or a hutch, turning this in a tool storage monster.

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