Plumbing a brake system is sort of an art if you ask us. Sure you could just use straight tubes and a bunch of brass unions, but that would look like crap. To make the system look nice you're going to bend and curve the line and when you do that you'll need to cut the tube to length. The problem with that is you will have to put the proper double flare back on the end of the tube so it will seal.

There are double flaring tools out there, but not like the Double Flaring Tool from CCP. What makes this flaring tool different from the rest is the all-in-one design. Instead of a separate flaring block and flaring tool and a bunch of collets, the company stuffed the flaring block and tool into a cool set of pliers. Also, all of the separate collets have been secured to a long strip of metal, eliminating the need to search out the proper size. You also get an adjustable tube cutter and a deburring tool as well, which is all securely stored in a plastic case.

The tool can be used to make single and double flares on 3/16-, 1/4-, 5/16-, 3/8-, 7/16-, and 1/2-inch steel, aluminum, and copper tubing thanks to the rotating flaring block. Plus the design of the tool allows you to easily flare the tubes on the vehicle, no more back and forth tips to the vise. With a compact design, minimal parts to lose, and a suggested retail price of only $69, this is a great addition to any toolbox.

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