You guys are handy. You like a challenge. You enjoy those MacGyver moments when you have to make a fan belt out of women's undergarments. Yeah, we do too, but this isn't one of those moments. This story is about building your own dual exhaust system using a universal pipe kit from Flowmaster instead of whatever trash you have lying around the garage. Finally, you can put the mufflers where you want them and direct the sound where it sounds the best-anywhere you like! Follow along to see how our friends at Muffler Man put their own spin on this kit by customizing it to work on my '73 Chevy C10.

What's In The Box?
The U-Fit kit is available in 16-gauge aluminized steel tubing ranging from 2 1/4 to 3 inches in diameter. It comes with enough slip-fit tubing to build a true dual exhaust system with a crossover pipe that can exit anywhere from the side of your truck to under the back bumper. Mounting hardware and mufflers are not included, which means the muffler choices are nearly limitless. We went with Flowmaster's 50-Series SUV mufflers, which are loud but not annoying. The kit retails for about $290 and the mufflers are another $140 each. Our pipes terminate at a pair of polished, rolled lip tips.