Back in the day, any conversion you wanted to attempt ended up being very expensive and required hours of bodywork to blend lines and get things right. Then guys figured out you could hit up the dealer and get all the stuff needed to convert, let's say a Silverado, to an Escalade. Cool, but still expensive. Then aftermarket companies finally got involved and helped by offering kits at less than dealer prices. Well what if you want to use something from a different manufacturer? Luckily you don't have to find a custom body shop if you want to put a Range Rover-style grille and headlights in your '88-'98 Chevy or GMC truck. The Option Group has crafted a completely bolt-in conversion specifically designed for these trucks that will really change the way your truck looks. Not only can you completely transform the front of your ride, you can do it for less than 400 bucks. We figured it would take a ton of trimming and cutting to install the conversion and were happily surprised to find out it's a true bolt-in replacement that took us about 45 minutes to complete.

What's In The Box?
'88-'98 Chevy/GMC C10 Range Rover-style conversion kit is a direct bolt-on grille replacement that features Range Rover-styled headlight housings. The grille shell is one piece with all the proper mounting tabs, and the headlight housings come with a new halogen bulb with factory-style plugs. The grille shell and lights can be ordered in either satin black or chrome, so there are four possible variations. Because we already have a full chrome grille shell, we decided to go with the black on black.