Bolt-on power comes in all shapes, sizes, and costs. Sport truck owners who've recently dropped the fat green for their rides now find themselves at a distinct disadvantage. Having spent the money it cost to give their truck the required altitude adjustment, they find they've gone to the well once too often; it's run dry, leaving them without the funds to quench their thirst for engine power.

JET Performance Products comes to the rescue. The company offers a complete line of entry-level performance parts with several new computer-controlled components that interface with a truck's OBD-II onboard diagnostics system. For those who don't know what OBD-II is or how it works, picture this scenario: You've just installed some fly-by-night performance parts on your brand new sport truck. The family is loaded up in the vehicle and you're happily motoring along the road. Suddenly the Check Engine light flashes on and the truck's computer initiates its procedure leading to complete engine shutdown. That, folks, is OBD-II at work.

It's not all bad news since you can gain a bunch of ponies with OBD-II's assistance. For the money-conscious, JET offers an entry-level Stage I Power Package that's compatible with OBD-II emission systems. If the horsepower tweaks in that package aren't enough, you can step up to the slightly higher-priced Stage II Package for even more power.

Come along as we demonstrate an installation of both the Stage I and Stage II JET Power Packages. We'll give you JET Performance's figures on rear- wheel horsepower that will show all the power-starved truck owners out there what gains they can expect.

Jet Performance Products