An essential asset of any truck is its ability to haul and tow a respectable payload. In a related story ("Towing Basics"), we explained many of the terms commonly used in a discussion of a truck's towing capacity, and we explained how to pick the proper hitch to meet the towing demands. This month, we're going a step further to show you how to properly set up a trailer to load and safely transport a vehicle. We're also wiring an electric trailer brake system on our '99 Silverado.

We've always preached that sport trucks should be driven and enjoyed--for us, the term "trailer queen" has a negative connotation. But we realize there will always be show-only vehicles that must be transported either in an enclosed car hauler or on an open trailer. We have a rolling chassis for one of our project trucks that once in a while needs to be transported to places. Because it has a detailed suspension, our throwing some chains around it simply won't do.

After fighting loading and unloading it and other vehicles with a rope or a tow strap, we decided that some improvements had to be made before someone got hurt. We made a few calls and ordered some parts, and we now have confidence in both the truck's and the trailer's abilities.

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