During the initial clean up of my S-10 I noticed that all the glass was covered in hard water spots. None of the normal glass cleaners in my detailing arsenal would even make a dent to these crusty boogers. I even tried to scrape them off with a single edge razor blade, with no luck. I have heard you can use a distilled white vinegar and water solution to get them off but I'm not sure what that might do to my paint if it got on there. Instead of taking a chance and messing up my paint I decided to use something a little more aggressive than glass cleaner but something that would still be safe on paint, Meguiar's Medium-Cut Cleaner. I had no idea if it would scratch my glass, but if it did I could get one from the junkyard. Well I didn't have to got to the boneyard after all because the compound worked and the spots and gone.

Hard water has microscopic particles of stuff like calcium, lime and iron. When the water evaporates back into the air those little things stay behind and create a spot. The longer they stay on the glass, the more difficult they are to remove.

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