Keeping billet wheels nice and shiny is a crummy job but well worth the effort. How many hours have you spent sitting on the ground rubbing away trying to bring back that shine? A lot I'm sure, but how many of you take the time to clean the backside of the rim? Yeah, if you have big wheels and small brakes I'm sure you'll stuff a hand in and wipe it, but do you polish it? Any way the Colorado Customs on my S10 have been on daily driven trucks most of their life and the inner bands are smoked. I wanted to fix that issue, but I really didn't feel like paying a professional polisher to do it. I broke out some Scotch-Brite, 400-grit wet or dry paper, and an air grinder to tackle the gnarly stuff. To bring back the shine I used a Powerball from Mother's chucked into a drill motor.

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