Cruisin' for a Cure happens to be one of those annual events that always stands out because of its unique cause and the overwhelming support it receives. You can't deny that there is just a phenomenal, consistent turnout. With last year's attendance of over 3,300 entrants, and this year's pre-registration numbering at least 2,800, there is an overall excitement just due to the quantity of custom rides. In addition to quantity, the quality of the show entries is flat-out jaw-dropping, as custom paint, bodywork, rims, and interiors adorn many (if not most) of the vehicles.

Spectators flock to these rolling displays of pride, time, and creativity by the hundreds, sporting hats, sun block, strollers, and cameras. This is certainly a family event. A show that can make huge fairgrounds feel crowded, both in terms of vehicles and spectators, is something special. Even finding a clearing to take pictures becomes a test of patience!

Generation gaps disappear through a passion for and fascination of custom vehicles at Cruisin' for a Cure. Hot Rods, lowriders, lifted trucks, exotics, and everything in between overwhelm the fairgrounds, solidifying the fact that that there is something for everyone at this show! The cruise lane, another standout, remains bumper to bumper all day long with an eclectic array of vehicles that at times have very little in common.

The impact of Cruisin' for a Cure does not end when the day is over and the vehicles make their way home. In fact, it just begins, because his show is dedicated to helping find a cure for prostate cancer. All money goes to research, and this year over 60k has been made so far! This show deserved a round of applause.